How to Book

How to book a pitch

Once you’ve seen a listing for a show you are interested in you’ll need to fill in a booking form. The event codes are always in the top left corner of the listing, this year they start with a V e.g. A17. When filling in the booking form if you have any special requirements please remember to note them down in the appropriate place.

Picking your preferred pitch:

Below is a diagram of the layout of how we typically mark out a marquee.


The A and B pitches are on the wall of the marquee which has a maximum height of 6ft so are not suitable for high stands. B pitches are next to the corners. C and D pitches are situated in the middle of the marquee, so bear in mind you would have another traders pitch behind you when setting up and trading, there are no height restrictions on C and D pitches. D pitches have the advantage of being able to trade from two edges of the stand.

If you have a preference for a certain pitch type please put it on your booking form in the appropriate place. We cannot guarantee you will receive the pitch you have asked for as some pitches are more in demand than others. Pitches are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

When working in marquees the minimum pitch depth will be 6ft, if you require more depth please talk to us before booking, we may be able to give you more depth.

Our smallest pitch is 8ft by 6ft, this is designed for a 6ft table and 2ft access on and off your stand, additional space is available in 2ft increments e.g. 10ft, 12ft, 14ft.

You must be able to get on and off your own space.


If you require electricity up to 300 watts to light or power your stand please state so on your booking form, There is a charge of £10 for the duration of the show. If you require more power than 300 watts please talk to us before booking, there will be an additional charge for more than 300 watts.

Generally there is no electricity available throughout the night in our marquees. Electricity hook ups for caravans/ motorhomes are not available from our marquees.

If you require an electric hook up please contact us and we will give you the main organisers electricity pricing details.

Demonstration space:

We offer 2ft free demonstration space to exhibitors, this is designed for exhibitors who demonstrate how they make their product throughout the duration of the show.

Chairs and tables:

We hire tables and chairs at an additional cost of £8.00 per table and £3.00 per chair for the duration of the show. Tables are approximately 6ft by 2ft 3inches.

Payment methods:

1 Bank Transfer Payments can be made to our Lloyds Bank account Sort Code 309751 Account Number 03097557 Please insure that you include your full name in the payment reference for our records. Deposits to paid at the time of booking and balance payments to be paid no later than one calendar month before the event date.

2 Credit or Debit Cards Card details to be written on the booking form including the 3 figure security number. We will take the deposits in one payment and inform you the date on which we will be taking the balance.

3 PayPal Please write your PayPal address on your booking form. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposits when we process your booking. Once we receive payment of this invoice we will confirm your bookings. For payments of the balance we will send you a PayPal invoice for balance approximately four weeks before the show.

4 Cheques Deposits to be paid at the time of booking by cheque. Post dated cheques for the balances must accompany the booking form.


Booking forms which do not include any of the above payment methods will not be accepted.


On receipt of your booking form:

When we receive your booking form it will be checked and if there are any problems e.g. no payment information, lack of post-dated cheques. It will be returned to you with a note explaining what needs to be completed or included.
We aim to process bookings within 2 weeks.

Accepted bookings will receive a confirmation letter by email if a valid email is supplied, or by post. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 3 weeks of posting your booking form please contact us.

Your confirmation letter can be used as your receipt.

If you are VAT registered and require a separate VAT receipt, please include your VAT number on your booking form.

Declined bookings will receive an email informing you we were unable to accept your booking. If we have no valid email address or cheques were included in the booking you receive these back by post.

No payment will be taken if we cannot accept your booking.

Before the show:

Approximately 10 days before the show you will receive a letter through the post with your tickets, destination instructions, details of setup times and camping instructions. If you do not receive anything from us the week before the show please contact us.

Cancelled shows:

In the event of a show being cancelled out of our control you will receive a refund less reasonable costs. Refunds will be paid back using your original payment method, we will complete these refunds as soon as possible after the date of the show.